Search Engine Marketing


Cost-effective and measurable – PPC marketing is a powerful way to instantly improve your online visibility and increase leads to the business. Our result-driven PPC service in India ensures that you get the highest ROI  from campaigns. Trioticz , upcoming SEM services company India with professional experts.

Maximized ROI

Our calculative strategies ensure to convert the leads into potential customers and enhance your Return on Investment (ROI).

Reduced CPC

Our team has the skill to bid on the relevant keywords, reduce total Cost-per-Conversion & strives to improve the quality score level.

Improved Brand Visibility

Improve your rank on the search engine and boost your social media presence to improve brand / service visibility and awareness.

Increased Quality Traffic

Our exemplary and compelling targeted campaigns bring high-quality traffic to your website.


    More Traffic! More Leads! More Sales!

    Get ready for a boom in business with more traffic, more leads and more sales. Trioticz, provides best SEM Company in India with Cost per Acquisition! By utilizing all PPC Ad channels effectively we will deliver a better ROI on Ad Spend (RoAS) than you have ever seen before.

    15+ Clients
    Return of Investment
    Unique Ad’s


    As a Professional SEM Company in India, we offer professional search engine marketing services to get your business more visibility in search engines.  We implement paid advertising strategies to get speedy and effective results for the business.we follow a flexible approach for search engines to  maximize the ROI within an optimal time span.

    Search Advertising

    PPC Search advertising leads to more conversions and it helps to reach the target audience through customer centric keywords

    Display Advertising

    Advertising ads in web pages, videos that increasing the brand awareness among the people as well traffic & leads.

    Shopping Ads

    Visually more appealing than text-only ads, shopping ads can help you explore sales opportunity in an engaging manner.

    Mobile App Advertising

    Running PPC Campaign to increase the downloads and brand awareness to the particular mobile application.

    Remarking Ads

    Enables you to serve targeted ads to people who have already visited or taken an action in your website but not yet converted.

    YouTube Ads

    High-quality video ads are sure to bring the brand awareness, increasing viewers, subscribers as well traffic

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