How To Perform A SEO SWOT Analysis – Marketing Strategy Models.

  • In SEO a SWOT analysis stands for four major elements, i.e., Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. These techniques help businesses to determine what they can do to increase profits. SWOT analysis plays a vital role in SEO for strategic planning techniques. It provides a clear roadmap to achieve your SEO goals.
  • When creating your SEO SWOT analysis, there are several questions that you want to take into consideration. These questions become the starting point for your SWOT, and after completing you may have a clear picture on where you need to focus first. You can also choose a digital marketing agency in Coimbatore, Chennai, or in your nearby places to perform SEO SWOT analysis for your business.
  • Let us see how to perform your own SEO SWOT analysis as follows

Know your Strengths

  • Think about what you are already doing well
  • What is unique about your website?
  • How old is your website?
  • What keywords do I rank in the top 20 for?
  • What percentage of branded vs non-branded keywords are in the top 20?
  • What is my site’s mobile load time?
  • What are my top lead-driving landing pages?
  • What are my top traffic-driving landing pages?
  • What has worked well for my SEO in the past?
  • Answers to these questions gives you a standard idea of your project.

Realise your weaknesses

  • It is also important to know your weaknesses. This part of SWOT Analysis identifies the places where you need to upgrade or note the areas where there could be a scope of improvement.
  • Consider where you may be missing out
  • What areas of my site need improvement?
  • How my competitors differ from me?
  • What keywords are ranking on back?
  • What percentage of those keywords are branded?
  • What landing pages are driving little to no traffic?
  • What landing pages are driving little to no revenue or leads?
  • Is our team set up for SEO success?
  • What is my SEO & marketing budget?
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Focus on opportunities

  • In SEO you can draw opportunities from your strengths and also from your weaknesses. If you know what works for you and where to look you may create maximum opportunities by yourself. Knowing the answers to the below questions give you a scope for creating new opportunities.
  • What does my audience need?
  • What do I want my audience to do once they reach my website?
  • How does my website user journey flow?
  • How clear is the path for new customers coming to my site to find what they need?
  • What new products or services could we explore offering?
  • Which content do I have existing that could be better optimized for my audience?
  • Which strengths can we continue to capitalize on in the market?
  • Which weaknesses should we dedicate more resources towards?

Determine the threats

  • Determining the threats is the last step of SEO SWAT analysis. Threats can be anything from duplicate content to irrelevant low-quality inbound links. The competition in SEO is high. Besides your known competitors, you should also pay attention to new competitors who can challenge your authority and position over time. As Google rewards fresh and relevant content, the best way to stay ahead of your competitor is by continuing to publish and update your contents.

Make a action Plan

  • Once you complete SWOT analysis you will be more clear about your performance in SEO. Make a action plan with your SWOT analysis.
  • SWOT analysis helps you to
  • Build your strengths
  • Minimize your weaknesses
  • Seize your opportunities
  • Handle the threats
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  • With SEO SWOT analysis you can implement strategic planning technique. It provides a clear roadmap to achieve your SEO goals. You should choose the best SEO services to enhance your business.
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